Common questions

Question you might ask :


Q : I accidentally paid the wrong sum, or paid it unnecessarily, what do I do?


A : Fill in your details in the "Contact Us" form on our website and a representative from the parking lot will get back to you ASAP.



Q: I am interested in a parking lot subscription, who should I contact?


A: Please contact the parking lot manager by email or phone ( see the details under the relevant parking lot on our website. You can also see there the monthly subscription tariff for each parking lot.



Q : What are the opening hours of the parking lot? Is it possible to exit at any time?


A: All details about opening hours of each parking lot can be found on our website. Entry is conditional according to each parking lot opening hours. Exit is always possible.



Q : I wish to enter a parking lot which accepts only credit cards. Are there additional payment options?


A : Payments options varies from parking lot to parking lot But, there is usually an option to pay with Pango/CelIopark apps and the Central Park app as well.


Q : Can I pay with the pango/Cellopark app at the parking lot?


A: Check the signs at the entrance to the parking lot. Payment options are listed at the bottom..


 Q: Is it possible to pay with a credit card over the phone?


A : Yes, you can call us for remote billing 054-5557999



Q : Are your parking lots open on holidays?


A:  Yes, most of them are. We recommend checking for specific parking lot opening hours on the website or by calling us at 054-5557999. All of our parking lots are closed on Yom Kippur.




Q : Is the tariff on a holiday the same as on a weekday?


A : It varies from parking lot to parking lot. Check the  tariff listed at the entrance to the parking lot.




Q: I accidentally paid with the Pango app for the parking lot, instead of paying for parking at a Blue and White parking lot. Can i get a  Refund?


A: Yes. Please contact the Pango app customer service.



Q : Is there a discount for disabled vehicles in all parking lots?


A : The discout is valid only in certain parking lots under the following conditions:


  • Presentation of a disabled card and the presence of the holder of the card in the vehicle.
  • Confirmation from the office where you arrived in the building



Q : If I entered the parking lot by mistake or couldn't find a parking space, can I exit for free?


A: The first 9 minutes after entering the parking lot are free of charge.



Q : I lost my parking ticket, what do I do?


A: Press the intercom button on a payment machine or at the exit, or alternatively call us on 054-5557999. The charge for losing a ticket is the cost of a full parking day.




Q : I came to pick up the car but the parking lot is closed. How do I enter?


A : You must enter on foot through a pedestrian gate.


Q : is it possible to pay in parking lots with all payment methods, including apps?


A : Yes, you can pay with all credit cards, of course also in the various apps, according to the advertising in that parking lot, it is worth noting that there are parking lots that require payment in advance and at the entrance to the parking lot, and in such a situation you cannot pay with the apps but only with a credit card..