Common questions

Question you might ask :


Q : I accidentally paid the wrong sum, or paid it unnecessarily, what do I do?


A : Fill in your details in the "Contact Us" form on our website and a representative from the parking lot will get back to you ASAP.



Q: I am interested in a parking lot subscription, who should I contact?


A: Please contact the parking lot manager by email or phone ( see the details under the relevant parking lot on our website. You can also see there the monthly subscription tariff for each parking lot.



Q : What are the opening hours of the parking lot? Is it possible to exit at any time?


A: All details about opening hours of each parking lot can be found on our website. Entry is conditional according to each parking lot opening hours. Exit is always possible.



Q : I wish to enter a parking lot which accepts only credit cards. Are there additional payment options?


A : Payments options varies from parking lot to parking lot But, there is usually an option to pay with Pango/CelIopark apps and the Central Park app as well.


Q : Can I pay with the pango/Cellopark app at the parking lot?


A: Check the signs at the entrance to the parking lot. Payment options are listed at the bottom..


 Q: Is it possible to pay with a credit card over the phone?


A : Yes, you can call us for remote billing 054-5557999



Q : Are your parking lots open on holidays?


A:  Yes, most of them are. We recommend checking for specific parking lot opening hours on the website or by calling us at 054-5557999. All of our parking lots are closed on Yom Kippur.




Q : Is the tariff on a holiday the same as on a weekday?


A : It varies from parking lot to parking lot. Check the  tariff listed at the entrance to the parking lot.




Q: I accidentally paid with the Pango app for the parking lot, instead of paying for parking at a Blue and White parking lot. Can i get a  Refund?


A: Yes. Please contact the Pango app customer service.



Q : Is there a discount for disabled vehicles in all parking lots?


A : The discout is valid only in certain parking lots under the following conditions:


  • Presentation of a disabled card and the presence of the holder of the card in the vehicle.
  • Confirmation from the office where you arrived in the building



Q : If I entered the parking lot by mistake or couldn't find a parking space, can I exit for free?


A: The first 9 minutes after entering the parking lot are free of charge.



Q : I lost my parking ticket, what do I do?


A: Press the intercom button on a payment machine or at the exit, or alternatively call us on 054-5557999. The charge for losing a ticket is the cost of a full parking day.




Q : I came to pick up the car but the parking lot is closed. How do I enter?


A : You must enter on foot through a pedestrian gate.