Computer systems for the management of parking facilities

We chose the computer system that will serve us in revenue control, we set the entry and exit terminals, and payment positions. The parking facilities is well lighted and signposted. Now we have to protect and secure the hard-earned equipment.

The security will be on two levels, one by means of physical protection that will be installed in the field, and their function is to prevent physical damage to the equipment by protecting and / or absorbing damage instead of the protected equipment, such as protection posts for end equipment, doors or cages for payment stations. The second by means of closed circuit television system.

Closed-circuit parking

The closed circuit television system will consist of three parts: the camera, the back office, and the intermediary between them. When we choosing the CCT system, we must go through the following steps: user survey and expectations, definition of requirements, selection of the intermediary, viewing and recording settings. The necessary preparations will help us in choosing – the camera: analog, digital, IP, lens, adjustable, noise filtering, light intensity lens type, number of lines or resolution shielding and more. Intermediary: cable type, RG11, RG59, RG174, coaxial, standard cable (eg phone) + converter and more. The office: what software, how the viewing carried out,  the recording, number of frames per second, software level or hardware level, optical zoom, zoom before and / or after and more.

Central Park will perform the required users survey for each parking facilitiy, define the needs, define technical specifications and write quantities, issue a tender to the system and accompany the contractor at all stages of installation and running. An installation of a system that is efficient and adapted to the needs of the site, increases command and control, provides a suitable response to customer complaints, and enables examination of past events.

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